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Data Recovery

MGM Technologies are the best in Data Recovery service In U.A.E

We have vast variety of Data Recovery, Backup solutions. Our inventory has different storage technologies which means, you have to pay less price for more Data Storage and Backup.

We promise to take care of your data with immense caution and will be handled with care and secured for your benefits.

We deal with Data inaccessibility, Corrupted, lost, Damaged, Files error’s, other storage issues.

Not only HDD and SDD, we deal with Small Data storage devices such as USB’s, DVD, CD’s

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24×7 Support

24×7 IT Support services in Dubai

MGM Technologies support all kinds of technical support 24×7. We are quick and accurate with jobs that we undertake. Our technical teams are very experienced in dealing with any technical issues related to Laptops, Personal Computers, Phones, Office machines and more.  Once we identify the problem, we provide the cheapest and best method of fixing the issues.

Use our service and resolve your IT Problems by contacting us at Or give us a call anytime.


MGM Technologies Provides Biometric Access Control Systems and Services in Dubai

Biometrics are important accessory for security purposes for any organization. At MGM we have the latest and greatest equipment for your offices. We are the experts at installing the Biometric Access Control Systems. We also do full maintenance of all the Biometric equipment including software and hardware.

Are You Look For Access Control System?

MGM providing all kind of Biometric access control system and services and we will give solution for installation and working progress.

We provide card swiping Biometric access control systems, essential for business process

We have Finger Print scanning system, we also store huge data and generate & maintain reports.


MGM Provides Anti Security Services in Dubai

At MGM security services centre, out sole mission is to protect organizations & equipment’s with cyberattacks. Now being in an Internet Controlled world, it’s very vital to have Virus scanners installed on every tech that you own. At MGM we provide full service of installing & repairing your systems. There are many AntiVirus softwares available in the market now a days, our goal is to make customers life easier, by understanding their level of usage of a system and installing the accurate software, by which customer will save money and complexity in dealing with AnitViruses.

Secure your system now! Mail us at or Call us!


CCTV Camera Installation In Dubai

CCTV’s are must for any Commercial or Residential building’s. Better late than never, get your first CCTV installed with MGM Technologies. We have the best CCTV solutions at your door step, we install HW and do constant checks with the software. We also provide, full data backup and storage solutions. Depending on your need, choose the best deal at MGM Technologies. Contact us at We also have the Annual Maintenance Contracts for CCTV’s. Just hire us once and leave the rest to us, we will take care of ever thing all around the year.


 MGM Provides PABX Phone System in Dubai

Improve your phoning experience with MGM PABx pHONE sYSTEMS. 

Communication is key for any organization and it needs the best tech out there to be served better. What is PABx? It is the (Private Automated Branch Exchange). We provide you the advanced phone systems which are surprisingly fast and easy to use and maintain. We provide to stick with your plan and deliver best repair and maintenance services after we install a PABx systems. To know more about what we can offer with respect to PABx Mail at or call us anytime!


Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

Structured cabling is an extra addition to any commercial and Residential stay’s. It is vital to have a defined cabling work done, which will make your life easier with any issues you get in future. We model the latest and greatest cabling structures which are easier to replace and repair. Our experts make constant visits to check on your cabling and take good care of it. WE use the best quality products and also provide the best warranty.

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