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Annual Maintenance services

MGM Technologies provides Annual Maintenance services in U.A.E
MGM Technologies provides Annual Maintenance services which are comparable and accurate at customers need’s. We maintain, secure , assist your entire organization needs. Our technician provide better and quality services.Our technicians are experts in Network and Data handling along with HW & SW needs. We are very easy to work with, we assist our customers through remote or onsite appointments.

What is included in AMC?

We provide 24×7 Customer Service.
Repair and Replacement of spare parts and virus removal.
Hardware and Software Installations.
Data Recovery and back up.
Server assistance.
Employee IT solutions, including employee office check, Email issues, Hard drive updating, Printer solutions.
Periodic software updates, to keep you updated to latest configurations.

Storage and Backup Solutions

Data has been distributed it is stored at more locations increasing the risk of unauthorized physical access to the data. Such as in the case of disposal of old equipment, re use of drives

A single company might have a small team of a administrators, network engineers and technicians, MGM Technicians will keep your data safe and restore data with safe devise.

MGM guarantee that the data storage solution developed and implemented maximally reliable and secured, comfortable in use and maintenance. Our cost-efficient offers will be perfectly suitable for limited budget.

Reliable Data Storage & Back Up

Each solution has its own advantages and specific features. Our Technician delivering the best services alongside with reducing risks and costs. We offer complex data centre storage solutions that include Data storage with required capacity, Data archiving technology; Data backup and recovery; Data security, Back Up Solution.

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Firewall Solutions

MGM offers effective firewall protection for business data exchange networks. It is one of the traditional security means with the proven efficiency that were significantly improved by modern innovations. Fire well Secure Works can provide 24×7 firewall administration, log monitoring and response to security events

MGM Maintain firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. Network traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before the damage is done.

  • Controlled access to different corporate resources;
  • Decreasing losses due to prevention of unauthorized access;
  • Better business resiliency;
  • Full customization according to changing business requirements.


If you require strengthening your network security by efficient firewall protection, MGM experts are ready to assist. We service different systems starting from small business networks and finishing with large data centres.

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Virus Removal

Virus is a piece of malicious software that normally gets downloaded onto a user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and acts against the user’s interests. This malware may be distributed with other free software downloads, through infected email links, infected links on websites and through a variety of other ways MGM Technologies will care about you company data

Ways to remove Virus?

Our technicians able to remove Virus by manually checking the Windows registry for entries associated with it, locating and removing Virus files, including those that may be embedded in system folders. However, since any manipulations with system folders and the registry always carry a risk of rendering the operating system unbootable this case mgm will fix the problem and take care of all data and store safe place.

  • High-quality malware protection;
  • Real-time guard of incoming traffic;
  • Constant anti-virus base update for maximal security;
  • Preventing data loss or unauthorized modification;
  • Deployment flexibility.


SPAM is another important problem in business data systems, being:

An additional source of malware and other hacker activity;

A consumer of memory storage and other system resources.

It is highly recommended to prevent corporate workplaces and dataflow from any type of SPAM for creating clear and resource-efficient environment for business operation MGM offers highly efficient anti SPAM solutions for business capable to provide decent security from unwanted information. Flexible configuration, easy operation and update are on board.

MGM experts perform full anti SPAM system setup and maintenance, making it maximally comfortable for customers.